Monetize and manage
your consulting business
  • sport
  • astrology
  • legal advice
  • clairvoyance
  • health
  • well-being

By telephone or sms, sell your services and maximize your income


Do you want to sell your consulting services across a variety of channels?
Dialengo allows you to monetize your consultations and manage your activity with ease


additional income

by monetizing your consultations by telephone

your turnover

thanks to key indicators provided in real time

Improve your
customer retention rate

by analysing your call log

customer loyalty

by developing your database to launch loyalty campaigns


thanks to our scheduling tools

An user-friendly platform
Manage your activity and monitor your income in real time  

Managing your services

  • Management of rates and special offers
  • Managing clients (CRM)
  • Customized scenarios (IVR)
  • Client consumption history

Managing your employees

  • Management of user rights
  • Management of schedules
  • Statistics by employee
  • Internal email system
  • Managing consultants and supervisors
  • Managing affiliates (partners)

Managing your turnover

  • Real-time monitoring dashboard
  • Graphs and reports
  • Statistics by department
  • Call log
  • Transaction management

Our solutions
Offer you to monetize your consulting businesses by a bank card or a premium-rate phone number

Payment with a bank card

Payment is made via an automated voice server or an administrative team.

  • Private consultation between the consultant and his/her customer

  • Creation of your own rate plans: prepaid, pay-as-you-go, prepaid + pay-as-you-go

  • Dedicated your distance sales contracts with no need for a third party

  • Instant telephone connection: redirected to the AVS for payment if the administration department is busy or closed

  • One push: Secure registration of the customer’s credit card in order to avoid taking hold bank details for next purchase

Payment with a premium-rate number

Payment is made by your customer's telephone operator by charging your customer's invoice.

  • Group consultation between the consultant and his/her customer: other customers can listen to the ongoing discussion

  • Creation and network all your numbers in France and/or abroad

  • Implementation of preferential rate assistance across the entire French-speaking area

  • Grouping of consultancy firms and sharing inter-company consultants

  • View connected calls in progress

Our advantages
Optimize your costs and master your entire selling cycle, from customer acquisition to customer retention



  • Creation of several unique numbers to optimize ROI monitoring for each campaign

  • Development of your business in all countries thanks to our coverage in France and abroad

  • Creation and purchase of customer databases


Performance optimization

  • Customer reminders by SMS

  • User behaviour analysis

  • Managing services and rate plans

  • Comprehensive management platform (key indicators, dashboards, reports, graphs, statistics, etc.) in real time

  • Performance-based invoicing and repayment



  • Different payment methods possible: Bank card, cheques, postal money order, promotional offers

  • Multi-channel payment via bank card or the premium-rate number

  • One push: once customers run out of credit, they instantly recharge their account by pressing one key in order to increase in the conversion rate and reduce the churn rate

  • Management of error codes: in case of payment failure, the customer is offered a new scenario in order to reduce the churn rate


Loyalty + conversion

  • Configurable 3Ds: 3Dsecure can be configured for more than 150 criteria

  • A/B testing: compare and optimize your user experience

  • Partnership with other agencies to share group consultation queues and generate additional income

  • Loyalty offers: cash back, retargeting, call tracking, etc.

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