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Legal notice:

RENTABILIWEB TELECOM SARL, located at 55 rue Raspail, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

The purpose of the site (hereinafter the “Site”) is to provide information about the service called Dialengo.

By using this Site, the User acknowledges having had an opportunity to review the present usage general terms (hereinafter the “Usage General Terms”), in accordance to the 19th article of the French Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004, for issues concerning trust in the digital economy.

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Legal information:

The Site is the property of the company RENTABILIWEB TELECOM, a limited liability company, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Registry, Registration number 479.783.326, au capital de 192.248 euros, the head office of which is at 55 rue Raspail, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France.

The Site’s publication director is RENTABILIWEB TELECOM (legal entity).

Intercommunity VAT Number: FR 674 797 833 26

+33 1 76 23 00 00

The host of the website is RENTABILIWEB TELECOM (legal entity) whose address is 55 rue Raspail 92300 Levallois-Perret, France and phone number is +33 1 76 23 00 00 (hereinafter the Host).


RENTABILIWEB TELECOM strives, to the best of its ability, to ensure that the information disseminated via the Site is accurate and up-to-date, while reserving the right to correct its content at any time and without advance notice.

However, RENTABILIWEB TELECOM cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision or exhaustiveness of the information made available via the Site, including all of the hypertext links or other IT links directly or indirectly used from within the Site. Also, the User is informed that s/he is responsible for verifying the information by other means, including by contacting the company.

Accordingly, RENTABILIWEB TELECOM declines all liability: * for any lack of precision, inaccuracy or omission relating to the information available on the Site; * for damages resulting from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party that resulted in a modification of the information made available on the Site; * and more generally for all direct or indirect damages, irrespective of their cause, origin, nature or consequences, resulting from the access of any person to the Site or from the inability to access it, as well as from the usage of the Site and/or from the weight given to any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

The information provided on the Site can in no way be considered as an incentive to invest. The information must under no circumstances be interpreted as any solicitation, and also do not constitute a public offering, subscription, purchase or exchange offer for shares or other marketable securities, or any canvassing of the interest of the public for the purposes of a public offering of financial securities in France or in any other country. The information has therefore not been verified by the appropriate authorities as required in the event of a public offering.

Intellectual property:

The elements within the Site, notably the texts, presentations, illustrations, photographs, tree views and their formatting are the exclusive property of the RENTABILIWEB TELECOM company. Any reproduction, copy or usage, by any means whatsoever, without our approval constitutes an infringement that can result in legal proceedings. Also, RENTABILIWEB TELECOM is a protected trademark in France and abroad. Without prior formal authorisation, any usage of these trademarks as well as of all other displayed marks, figurative or not, that belong to the editor or to third parties can result in criminal or civil proceedings against the user.

Personal data:

In application of the provisions of the amended law n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 known as the “Information Technology and Freedoms” law, any natural person has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data relating to him/her (“Information Technology and Freedoms” law of 6 January 1978). In order to do so, please send an e-mail to the Dialengo at . The Host undertakes to implement recognised technical precautions in order to protect the security of the personal data and notably to prevent such data from being distorted, damaged or conveyed to unauthorised third parties.

Usage of the Site:

RSS feeds

Thanks to the tools used on the Site, you can directly access the Site from your own personal pages, for example. Indeed, by means of a RSS feed, you can remotely view the Company’s press releases or events by means of a software program or appropriate service available on the Internet.

The usage of this right is granted to you by RENTABILIWEB TELECOM only for your own needs and solely for non-professional purposes. In this regard, you agree to comply with the laws regarding the protection of copyrights, image rights and, more generally, any other applicable national, Community or international law or regulation.

Accordingly, you will notably refrain from using this right in a manner that could have an adverse effect on the image and reputation of RENTABILIWEB TELECOM, its affiliated companies and their members.


The non-personal data consist of information on how you access RENTABILIWEB TELECOM Internet Site. Such data can include, amongst other things, the type of browser that you are using or your Internet service provider.

Non-personal identification data are automatically collected when you access the Site. You can configure your Internet browser so that it will not accept the files that allow us to gather such information (i.e. “cookies”) or so that it will ask you for authorisation before installing a file of this type.

You can prevent cookies from being saved by configuring your browser in the following manner:

- For Mozilla Firefox:

Select the “Tools” menu, then “Options”
Click on the “Privacy” icon
Go into the “cookie” menu and choose the options that you prefer

- For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Go into the “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options”.
Click on the “Confidentiality” tab
Use the cursor to select the required level

Private Life:

We gather information on the people visiting the RENTABILIWEB TELECOM site in order to know more about them, and to better understand their needs and expectations.


Access to this Site is free, other than your Internet service provider and other than the cost of telephone calls that are invoiced directly by operators.

RENTABILIWEB TELECOM strives to maintain the Site’s accessibility, but without being bound by any obligation to do so. It is stipulated that for maintenance or update purposes or for any other reason, notably of a technical nature, access to the Site can be interrupted. RENTABILIWEB TELECOM in no way bears any liability for these interruptions and the possibly resulting consequences for the User.

Modification of the Usage General Terms: RENTABILIWEB TELECOM reserves the right to modify or complete the present Legal Information at any time and without advance notice. As such, we invite you to review it on a regular basis.

Applicable law:

The Site and the present Usage General Terms are subject to the provisions of French law, and the competent law courts in Paris (France) hold exclusive jurisdiction.